SOBA Awards 2021

HARD WORK PAYS OFF ! Wellous is honored with <Best Brand Award> in SOBA Award 2020
Wellous is beyond grateful to have been honoured with Meritorious Achievements for <Best Brand Award> in The Star Outstanding Business Awards (SOBA) 2020! SOBA Awards are The Star’s efforts to bestow unparalleled recognition on the exceptional achievements of the outstanding local corporates.
SOBA, for over a decade, stands out among the plethora of available Business Awards, as it has been lauded for its Credibility in Honouring the Best in Businesses. SOBA stays true to its principles in upholding stringent independent judging, duly audited by an External Audit party to rightfully award deserving SME champions in their own categories of expertise, all of which Wellous successfully portrays as a mature leading organisation in the healthcare industry.

As a functional food company, Wellous is upholding to our mission of raising health awareness among the public in order to enhance the overall health, which aligned with the supporting ideas of SOBA Best Brand Award that building a strong Malaysian Brand that is valued and appreciated by all.
These efforts have brought along recognitions from SOBA Awards, we are beyond grateful to have received these prestigious awards. We will continue to work hard and strive for more achievements in 2021!