And how you can regrow hair in the next 30 days with zero side effects!


How can you solve hair loss effectively, naturally, and with no side effects at all?

Don’t want to go for surgery, transplant or use harmful chemical products?

Want a convenient, easy solution that is scientifically proven to work?

Then S-Glow is what you’ve been looking for.

S-Glow is helping people all around the world regrow their hair and regain their confidence.

Here’s how.


  • ✅ No side effects, 100% natural ingredients, clinically tested and proven.
  • ✅ Solve hair loss from the root of the problem, helping your body grow hair naturally.
  • ✅ Noticeable improvement in just 30 days.
  • ✅ Look handsome + confident – which makes you attractive.
  • ✅ Far cheaper price compared to hair treatment/hair transplant.
  • ✅ No dependency, 3-6 months and you’ll never need it again!
  • ✅ Proven with thousands of customer success stories, well known across Asia.

“First, what causes HAIR LOSS?

There are tons of factors when it comes to hair loss. Stress, smoking, not enough sleep, medical issues and so on…

But these are the 3 BIGGEST factors.

Nutritional deficiency
Hair needs enough nutrients to grow, just like you need food to live. Without enough nutrients, your hair follicles shrink and die (fall) out.

Genetic History
The genetic condition reduces the length of the hair growth phase. It was passed down through family genes.

DHT Hormone
Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) blocks your hair follicles from absorbing nutrients while shortening their life cycle so hair falls out faster.

Notice something? These are all INTERNAL issues in our bodies.

You’ve probably tried other hair growth products with poor results…

98% of all hair growth products out there are external-based products, meaning they are applied on the scalp.

This only temporarily makes the problem seem better, and is NOT actually fixing it!

  • Multiple studies have shown that:
  • ❌ This does not target the root cause.
  • ❌ Only gives a short-term result.
  • ❌ Contains various side effects.
  • ❌ Is very bad for your scalp in the long run.

This is why most hair treatments rarely help at all.

When applied on the scalp, they stop at the surface level and less than 5% is effectively absorbed by the hair follicles.

These are less effective and do NOT give you real results.

So what is the REAL SOLUTION?

The key to maintaining healthy hair (and regrowing hair) is to balance body hormones, vitamins & nutrition, and scalp health.

This can only be done INTERNALLY.

The solution is to fix the ROOT CAUSE and provide your hair with all it needs to grow.

And S-Glow does exactly that.

What is S-GLOW?

S-Glow is a natural dietary supplement, formulated with patented ingredients from Japan & France.

S-Glow targets the hair follicle directly, supplying essential nutrients to stimulate them. This reactivates, strengthens and promotes natural hair growth.

Premium patented ingredient from Japan & France – Oryza Polyamine & Lynside Forte B which naturally boosts hair growth and stops hair loss once and for all.

Here’s how S-GLOW works.

Phase One
Tackles nutrient deficiencies that are preventing hair from growing or making hair fall off. Provides the nutrients your hair needs to strengthen hair follicles and stop hair loss.

Phase Two
Targets hair follicles and breaks down accumulated DHT hormones in them naturally. This removes the barrier that stops follicles from absorbing nutrients. Stimulates hair growth by preventing DHT from killing cells that regulate the growth and development of hair. Promotes growth of baby hairs.

Phase Three
Balances body hormones naturally. Increases blood circulation in the scalp, along with stimulating and thickening hair follicles. Prolongs hair growth cycle and stops genetic hair loss. Hair becomes fuller and thicker.

Start seeing real results in the next 1-3 months!

These are what most people do when they have hair loss.

Here’s why they don’t work.


Is expensive ($1000 and above), and you need to repeat treatments every 1/2 month, ending up having to pay over and over again.

All treatments are purely external and unable to solve the root cause. Results last for 2-3 months only.

External Use Products

Example – hair tonic, hair shampoo, Minoxidil, Rogaine etc...

These contain chemicals and side effects that will affect your sex drive and damage your scalp in the long run. Results are only temporary.

You need to continue using them to maintain the effects, while it is unable to fix the root cause. Results are very unreliable.

Hair Transplant Surgery

Extremely costly ($5000 and above). Results last for only 2-4 years, require surgery and have various risks.

Here’s the bonus you’ll get when you purchase S-GLOW.

#1 : Hair Care Do’s and Don’ts

Popular hair care advice may actually be damaging your hair. Learn which ingredients you should be avoiding in hair care products and the common misconceptions that are hurting your hair.

Value: $109

#2 : Hair Growth Secrets: The Meal Plan

Incorporate these delicious and healthy recipes into your diet, and you’ll immediately notice a huge difference in the quality of your hair. Provide your body with abundant nutrients, minerals and vitamins – everything you need to grow your hair.

Value: $279

#3 : Ultimate Hair Growth Hack

Over the years, we’ve found out exactly what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to growing hair. We’ve put all of these tricks into this guide to turbocharge your hair growth.

Value: $249

#4 : REVEALED : Hair Growth Scalp Massage Exercises

Scalp massage has a huge part to play in stopping hair loss, but many are teaching it the wrong way. We’ve compiled the various techniques (that actually work) that will help you increase blood flow to the scalp and promote hair growth.

Value: $189

#5 : VIP Lifetime Status: Follow-up, Consultations & Status Checks

Our professional nutritionists and consultants are always on standby to provide guidance, answer questions and give you encouragement to ensure you achieve all your wellness goals. This is a lifetime service that continues even after you finish your S-Glow course.

Value: $999

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